Bossy, Brilliant & Badass - Episode 86: Trauma Informed Nutrition

Episode 86: Trauma Informed Nutrition (with Irene Pace) — Bossy Brilliant & Badass (

All of us out there have fallen victim to binge eating and oftentimes this makes us feel horrible about ourselves and conflicted about enjoying all these types of foods that we know are very unhealthy for our body.

What if I told you that there is a method to stop all of this impulsive eating? Meet Irene Pace, an author and nutrition coach who specifically helps people who always feel out of control when it comes to their diet. She wants to help all of us fight through our internal conflict when it comes to food and get control over it.

So for any of you out there that don’t have the healthiest relationship with food, this episode is perfect for you.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is a trauma informed nutritionist?

  • How Irene works with her clients

  • Why do we eat the way we do?

  • How food helps us

  • 3 principles for transforming how you eat

  • How to implement the 3 principles

  • Irene’s biggest piece of advice for you

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