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Meet Irene Pace

The donutition

Dietitian - Diet + Donut 

I'm Irene. I'm a nutrition professional and I like donuts (especially donuts with sprinkles on them). I used to feel conflicted about that. Well, not conflicted about liking donuts but more about inhaling donuts, in multiples, in secret, alone in my car. 

Who would have guessed a desperate sugar-laden crisis was exactly what I needed to discover a radically sane method to end impulsive eating.

I’m a coach, speaker, writer, and champion of high achievers eager to get control of their eating. I help smart, successful folks  get peace with food and pants to fit.

My work blends academic research in nutrition and behaviour change with intuitive, heartfelt guidance. Ready to get extra weight out of your way? You got this. I can help.

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